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With us you can open the coffee shop of your dreams using our knowledge and experience.

Our brand founder guides you from the very beginning and not only until the moment of opening, but beyond that he is always in touch with you. We provide you with a brand, a CRM system, internal regulations, training for you and your baristas, a list of suppliers with special prices.

Our approach to work:

— We don’t tie you to one design and make each coffee shop individual. Individual style is the first step to the success of a coffee shop.

— Starting from 2023, we will open only “specialty” coffee shops or very close to them. This is how we see the future of the coffee business and follow the trends. Specialty differs from a regular coffee shop in the choice of beans, alternative brewing methods, and design.

— The opening is handled individually by the founder of the brand. He is your personal manager, consultant and friend.

— We will open a coffee shop only in the location where we see the prospect of positive work from the first month. We are not interested in the number of coffee shops, we want the quality and success of each franchisee.

— Our goal is to save you money as much as possible when opening, so all our contractors and suppliers work with you directly, offer the best prices, but you can always work with your people if you can do it cheaper.

— We love the franchisee who wants to be able to brew coffee himself, understand it, and for whom a coffee shop is a dream, and not just open a business and let it bring in passive income, and if it doesn’t work out, then the franchise is to blame.

What our coffee shops look like



Coffee shop formats and how much money you need

— Island (6-12m2) Investment about $9000*

— Coffee shop (from 20m2) Investment from $13,000*

*investments depend on the format of the coffee shop, the condition of the premises, and its square footage. When analyzing the location, we already announce the amount of investment for a specific location and the financial forecast of the work. The investment amount includes turnkey opening with equipment in the property.

Working conditions

— Lump sum payment – $500

— Royalty – $65 per month

— Concluding an official franchising agreement



Final words from the brand founder

Thank you for visiting us and reading our terms and conditions. I don’t want to churn out coffee shops without a soul, I did this at the beginning, then remade it, remade it many times. Now I understand what kind of coffee shops people will need today and tomorrow. This is called experience. I don’t sell a franchise, I’m looking for like-minded people who want to make a cool product in the form of a coffee shop. My task is to help you. The cost of the franchise is conditional, I don’t make money from it. The franchise was initially created to scale the brand, and not to make money. Therefore, if you have studied everything and are sure that I am right for you, then leave a request and we will talk.

Best regards, Sergey Antonenko.